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The market for wearable medical devices is growing

Source:  Release time:2019-03-29

Only 10 years ago, wearable medical devices were a concept.At present, wearable medical devices in the market have developed into a kind of intelligent and digital high-tech products, which represent the new development direction of the medical device industry.
The first wearable medical device developed and marketed in the world is a smart watch, which can measure the vital life indexes of the human body, such as heart rate (pulse), blood pressure,IBP Transducer,Temperature,SPO2,respiration rate and body temperature, as well as the functions of counting steps and calculating running distance.As soon as the product was launched, it was welcomed by consumers, inspiring more manufacturers to develop new wearable medical devices.
According to the world wearable medical device market development trend recently released by consulting firm Datamonitor, the global wearable medical device market has a total sales volume of $2 billion in 2016, $2.394 billion in 2017, and is expected to exceed $3 billion in 2018.According to the report, in 2017, the world's top five wearable medical device manufacturers and their market shares in the world are as follows: 1.2. Xiaomi (China), 23%;3.GAMIN (Taiwan, China), 5.6%;4. Samsung (South Korea), 5.4%;5.Jawbone (us), 5%.
The wearable medical device industry is booming.It is predicted by foreign media that by 2023, the total sales volume of the global wearable medical device market will exceed 6 billion us dollars, and the industrial development is full of vitality and hope.