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National health commission notice, 100 cities cons

Source:  Release time:2019-06-26

National health commission notice, 100 cities consumables procurement to change!
The national health and fitness commission issued a notice to establish pilot medical consortium in 100 cities.A unified management platform for drugs and medical consumables shall be established within medical consortium, the codes of drugs and medical consumables shall be unified within medical consortium, IBP Transducer,Temperature ,SPO2,and a special department shall be set up to undertake a series of work such as financial management of medical consortium.
Recently, the national health committee, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine jointly issued by the "about carrying out pilot city medical association construction work of the notice, to start in 100 pilot cities comprehensive medical couplet of grid layout and management, formed in urban tertiary hospital, and the basis of the basic medical institutions, IBP Transducer,Temperature ,SPO2,rehabilitation, nursing and other medical institutions to participate in the couplet of medical management model.