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The trial of market dividend continuous release me

Source:  Release time:2019-06-26

The trial of market dividend continuous release medical device registrant system entered a new stage

At present, a number of provinces across the country are applying to join the medical device registrant system pilot,IBP Transducer,Temperature,SPO2, more than expected.This is the news that reporter learns from national medicines to supervise bureau recently.

the state food and drug administration held a symposium on the pilot of the medical device registrant system (hereinafter referred to as the "registrant system") in Shanghai.At the meeting, the drug regulatory authorities in Shanghai, guangdong and tianjin exchanged views on the pilot work.Delegates from 19 provincial (regional and municipal) drug administration departments expressed their expectations for further expanding the pilot of the registrant system and releasing policy dividends to a greater extent.The symposium also released the registration system will further expand the pilot signal,IBP Transducer,Temperature,SPO2, China's registration system pilot work is expected to enter a new stage.