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The state food and drug administration on expandin

Source:  Release time:2019-08-13

The state food and drug administration on expanding the pilot system of registrants of medical devices
For the further implementation of the general office of the central committee of the communist party of China, issued by the general office of the state council on deepening the review of the opinions of the examination and approval system reform to encourage pharmaceutical medical equipment innovation "word [2017] no. 42 (hall), accelerate the innovation and development,IBP Transducer Temperature SPO2 medical equipment industry to fully implement the registrant system to accumulate experience of medical equipment, in Shanghai, guangdong, tianjin free trade zone to carry out the system of medical apparatus and instruments registrant pilot work, on the basis of the national drug supervision administration (hereinafter referred to as the country) decided to further expand the pilot medical apparatus and instruments registrant system work。
Scope of the pilot
Beijing, tianjin, hebei, liaoning, heilongjiang, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui, fujian, shandong, henan, hubei, hunan, guangdong, guangxi, hainan, chongqing, sichuan, yunnan, shaanxi (autonomous region and municipality directly under the central government).