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Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor Chip

Features of Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor Chip

Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor Chip is:

Low Cost, Medical Applications           Small Size and Reliable

Gel Isolation for Liquids                 Operates from 5°C to 40°C       

Compatible for Automated Assembly      1% Accuracy for Replacements

                                                         5.0 uV/V/mmHg Sensitivity

Customization for OEM Applications

Applications of Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor Chip

Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor Chip is:

Surgical Procedures                     Intensive Care Units

Infusion Pumps                        Kidney Dialysis Machines

Vacuum Assisted Birth                  Intrauterine Monitoring 

Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor Chip are imported professional chips, which have high measurement sensitivity, accurate data, small zero drift, good thermal stability, high dielectric compressive strength and wide measurement range.

We are manufacturing IBP Transducers, SPO2 probes, Temperatureprobes, related extension cables and related components.  We are also distributor of the TE sensor.

We are a professional medical manufacturer,mainly manufacture Spo2 sensor

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