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Disposable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe

1.General purpose Temperature probe: Use for single patient temperature management

2.Accuracy: ±0.1℃ within range of 25℃-45℃

3. Length: 900mm

4.Resistance Type: NTC/2.252K@25℃, NTC/10K@25℃

5.Sleeve material: Medical grade PVC.

6.Medical PVC sleeve, easily insert to human body

Disposable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe Casing material: medical grade PVC. Medical PVC cannula is easy to insert into patients.

Advantages of Disposable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe: 

Sterilization, one-time use. Keep patients in a safer medical environment at all times.

insulating cap to prevent electronic impact, excellent waterproof function.

Characteristics of Disposable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe: Adult rectal temperature probe cannula diameter is only 3.0 mm, has been committed to providing comfortable and convenient conditions for patients of all ages.

As a non-penetrating core body temperature monitoring tool, Disposable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe only needs to be lubricated and inserted into the rectum and esophagus to monitor the changes of core body temperature in real time. According to medical theory, rectal temperature monitoring is the most accurate method to measure human core temperature.

Method of using Disposable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe:

Keep the skin position to be detected dry and stick the probe to the surface.

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