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Disposable Skin Temperature Probe

Characteristics of Disposable Skin Temperature Probe:

1. Skin temperature probe: Use for single patient temperature management.

2. Accuracy: ±0.1℃ within range of 25℃-45℃.

3. Length:900mm.

4. Resistance Type: NTC/2.252K@25℃, NTC/10K@25℃.

5. Sleeve material: Medical grade PVC.

6. Monitoring the skin surface temperature during surgical operations or postoperative recovery.

7. The reflective sliver cover with soft foam can prevent the temperature effects from outside environment.

Disposable Skin Temperature Probe: for individual patients.

This product is a Disposable Skin Temperature Probe. It is suitable for continuous monitoring of patient's temperature in clinical process to avoid cross infection. It can be used with multi-parameter monitor.

A Disposable Skin Temperature Probe extracts the voltage change caused by the patient's temperature change, and further obtains the temperature value through amplification, filtering and software-based signal transformation, which is then transmitted to a multi-parameter monitor for display.

Use of Disposable Skin Temperature Probe:

Keep the skin position to be detected dry and stick the probe to the surface.

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