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Disposable SPO2 Sensor

SPO2 1:Plug: DB9 7 pin; Line length: 0.9 M.

SPO2 2.Material optional: non-woven cloths / sponges / elastic cloths / foam /

SPO2 3.Patient optional: Neonatal / Infant / Child / Adult Paste.

Disposable SPO2 Sensor is an ideal choice for monitoring pulse oximetry under the circumstances of strong interference from the outside environment and weak pulse of patients.

Disposable SPO2 Sensor conform to UL and ROHS standards.

Disposable SPO2 Sensor 100% quality assurance, accurate numerical value, fast reaction speed.

Disposable SPO2 Sensor is externally covered with PVC, flexible and elastic, double shielding, good transmission effect.

Professional medical materials: In addition to imported materials (high elastic strength and corrosion resistance are reliable), Disposable SPO2 Sensor is designed with double shielding, which can suppress noise interference better than single or no shielding, and maintain signal integrity.

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