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Reusable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe

1 . Reusable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe:Standard К6.3 single insert; Resistance value: 2.25 KΩ.

2. Reusable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe  Applicable temperature:
Reusable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe Industry standard with a maximum allowable error of ± 0.1 °C at a temperature range of 0-50 °C and higher than ± 0.2 °C within a measurement range of 25 °C ~ 45 °C.Reusable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe.

3.  Reusable Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe:Adult children body cavity can be customized.

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